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The Data Controller is Aguzzoli S.R.L. – Via Umbria 18, 42122 Reggio Emilia (RE) Italy, VAT Number: IT00354790354, which avails of its own processing managers or those of external processing companies.



Cookies are small text files which the sites visited by the user send directly to the user’s computer, where they are memorized to be then retransmitted to the sites themselves on the same user’s next visit (so-called first-party cookies). When surfing a site, the user may receive on his computer also cookies of sites or of different web servers (so-called third-party cookies); this occurs because the web site visited may contain elements like images, maps, and sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains that reside on different services other than those on which the page requested is found. In other words, these are cookies that are set on a web site other than the one actually visited.

The duration of the cookies may be limited to a single surfing session on the browser (so-called session cookies), and in this case automatically deactivate when the visitor closes the browser; or they may also have a preset expiry, and in this case, will remain memorized and active in the user’s hard disk up to the given expiry date, continuing to gather information during the various surfing sessions on the browser (so-called permanent cookies).

The cookies are used for different functions. Some are necessary to allow you to surf on the Site and use its features (so-called technical cookies). Others are used to obtain statistical information, whether or not in aggregate form, on the users that access the Site and on how the Site is used (so-called monitoring or analytical cookies). Lastly, they are used to track a consumer profile of the user and allow him/her to view advertisements on the Site, which may be interesting and in line with the user’s taste and consumption habits (so-called profiling cookies).

To learn more in detail about these different categories of cookies, please continue reading this circular. Discover how they work and their purposes, and freely choose whether to consent or block their usage.



These are cookies installed directly by the site visited. The technical cookies serve to carry out the surfing or to furnish a service requested by the user. They are not used for further aims and are usually installed directly by the web site controller. Without turning to such cookies, some operations could not be done or would be more complex and/or less safe, like for example the activities for which the cookies, which allow to carry out and maintain the user identification in the session, are indispensable.

Analytical cookies are necessary to gather user information and statistics and help to assess the surfing experience. Without using these cookies, the site owner cannot gather information and feedback regarding the surfing, which would be useful in improving future experiences.



The following third-party analytical cookies are installed on the Site without the prior consent of the user, because they are less aggressive since they are anonymised, and as such are less invasive and third parties cannot access the disaggregated analysis data at IP address level (in other words, by using these cookies, third-party subjects cannot trace the user’s identity).

The site does not use anonymised third-party analytical cookies.



Other third-party analytical cookies instead, are installed on the Site only with the user’s prior consent, because they are not anonymised, and thus third parties may access disaggregated analysis data at IP address level (in other words, by using these cookies, third-party subjects may track the user’s identity through the IP address).

The site does not use non-anonymised third-party analytical cookies.


The purpose of profiling cookies is to create user profiles and are used to send advertisement messages in line with the preference shown by the same in the field of network surfing . Due to the particular invasiveness which such device may have within the user’s private sphere, the European and Italian norms provide that the user has to be suitably informed on the use of these and thus express his/her valid consent: the use of said cookies in fact requires the user’s prior consent through the banners viewable to the users before the first visit to the Site.

The site does not use first or third-party profiling cookies.



Many of the data submissions of the user done through cookies are optional. To see how one can handle the cookies according to the browser used (Edge, internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, Chrome),you can connect to the site to erase them, or to the direct addresses of the single producers of the browsers:

Chrome; Firefox; Internet Explorer; Opera; Safari; Edge

The user, managing the choice related to cookies, can make use of services provided by EDAA or similar services furnished by other providers. Through this tool, you can manage your preferences concerning the cookies matters for a wide part of tracking tools.



The personal data are processed with automatized instruments, for the time strictly necessary to pursue the objectives explained earlier.

Specific security measures are adopted to prevent the loss of the data, their illicit or incorrect use and unauthorised access.



As per Regulation (Articles 15 to 22 GDPR) the rights of the data subject are summarised hereunder:

•request access, rectification, erasure, limitation, oppose the processing of your data,

•revoke the consent any time;

•send complaints to a supervisory authority.

The specific complaint to the Data Controller can be presented by contacting the same e-mail address:

You are entitled to file your complaints with the control authority at the Supervisory Authority address for the protection of personal data, by sending a registered letter with return slip to: Piazza Monte Citorio no. 121, 00186 ROMA; or a certified e-mail to the address, or with the control authority of another EU member country.


This circular was updated on 09/11/2018.



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