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Mould engineering

AGUZZOLI SRL has more than ten years of experience in the production of moulds for die-cast aluminium and deburring shears. Our technical office supports the customer throughout the design phase and in the optimization of molds and slicers.

Mould production

Moulds and shears are made by the team in our workshop, using our numerical control machines, plunge and wire electric discharge processing machinery, to safeguard maximum performance during the next stages when the tools are used. 

Die-cast aluminium

Die casting is handled by robotic islands from 350 TON

to 600 TON. We can handle high volume production batches or small series, working with alloys with different specifications, as needed.


We offer precision machining on machining centres for finishing die-cast parts so we can supply finished parts that are ready for assembly.

Surface finishes

As well as our efficient shearing and deburring unit, we also offer surface finishes such as shot cleaning. We have developed a network of suppliers so we can offer our customers tumbling, buffing, cathode dip and powder painting, polishing and impregnation. 

Grading and assembly

Our staff carry out controls at all stages of processing to give customers constant quality. We also offer our customers a parts assembly service so we can deliver products ready for the assembly line or for the market.


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