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RELIABILITY, SPEED and EXPERTISE are all part of the mission

of AGUZZOLI SRL specialized in aluminium die casting, mould construction and precision die casting machining operations.


Giuseppe Aguzzoli founded AGUZZOLI SNC in the second half of the 1950s when he began to build moulds for thermosetting materials, later becoming injection moulded plastics and die-cast aluminium. A die-casting foundry unit was added to the mould-building workshop in 2005.


AGUZZOLI SNC evolved into AGUZZOLI SRL in 2011.



The company is proud to offer its customers a turnkey service, starting with support for the optimization of the aluminium part, construction, and building the mould in house; from the moulding of the molten metal, to the subsequent surface finishing and the precision machining. The firm has always been very interested in using the latest innovations in technology and is intent on achieving high standards of quality and workmanship, choosing to work with professionally qualified personnel, the latest machinery, and undertaking inspections throughout the production process.


AGUZZOLI SRL  gained UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2014, an additional guarantee of its drive to continue improving the standards of quality offered to its customers.

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